In order to deal with its rapid development in woodwork projects around the world, EPEXYL collaborated with BUSINESS ELEMENTS to reengineer its organizational structure and operations. The reorganization process of EPEXYL was structured with a series of actions related to organizational structure and roles, job descriptions, operating procedures, computerization, reward system, equipment maintenance, project costing, corporate performance indicators and more. The actions were prioritized and implemented in such way that the company could absorb and take advantage of the changes.
The critical factors that made up the success of the project were:
Η BUSINESS ELEMENTS αναδιοργάνωσε την οργανωτική δομή και λειτουργίες της EPEXYL για να ανταποκριθεί στις εξελίξεις των ξυλουργικών έργων.


mourikis erp


In order to select the appropriate management system (ERP) and make its installation smooth for MOURIKIS company, BUSINESS ELEMENTS team performed the following actions: Initial

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